Back to Simpler Times with Gia Darcy

Back to Simpler Times with Gia Darcy

Mustard had the pleasure of speaking with Australia’s Gia Darcy. Together we discussed their favorite angel number, confidence pop, their songwriting process, their newest single “Less I Know”, and so much more!

1. Mustard is grateful to have you join them at Music Shelf. How are you doing today?

Thank you so much for having me! I’m doing very well today. I’m in a good space. It’s coming up to Christmas which is always a happy time for me. 

2. You currently have 333 monthly listeners on Spotify. What is your favorite set of Angel numbers?

Wow! I just checked and we’re now up to 2,439. We’re growing!! In terms of angel numbers I actually don’t know too much about them. Maye my fav would be 111 as that’s my favourite number. I was born on the 1st of the last (December). 

3. What was your relationship with music growing up? 

I have always had quite a reaction to music. My parents first noticed it when I was a tiny little thing. I wouldn’t be able to stop dancing and I would demand everyone around me to dance to music as well.

4. Who or what influences you?

My family and friends are my main influences and then music! My favourite artist is Julia Michaels, I am very inspired by her. I think she is incredibly smart, from her lyrics to melodies to general song writing!

5. Is there a song or album that had a significant impact on you? Could you share more?

One of my favourite songs of Julia’s is “That’s the kind of woman”. I think it is gorgeous. We all can struggle with confidence and sometimes we are desperate to have qualities that are opposite to our own. Julia paints this beautiful picture of the PERFECT person; of everything she could dream to be, but at the end of the day we really just need to come to terms with who we are and embrace everything we have to offer.  

6. You create confident pop. How would you define it? 

I feel as though there is a bit of a stigma around pop. People think it’s too basic or it’s not smart but I completely disagree. Creating a 3 minute song that encapsulates a feeling or paints a clear picture is sooo smart! I think simplicity.


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