FTM “Meet our friend Gia from the Coast"

FTM “Meet our friend Gia from the Coast"

Sometimes we all wish we could turn up the dial and transcend into an alter ego to help us out in a tricky situation. Central Coast newcomer Gia Darcy has dropped her latest single Lies and she has done just that and embodied a character to help portray a story. 

Lies is a dark, edgy pop song that depicts the challenges of getting caught up in a lie and the addictive nature of continuing to lie rather than coming clean. The song draws you in with its swirling melody and then drops you off at a chorus that juxtaposes the verses with a fun light tone and smooth vocals. It’s just fun, definitely a song I could see coming on the radio and bopping along to.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter is driven by her passion and continues to create music that represents creativity. Music has been a constant in Gia’s life, from a young age she could be heard belting out tunes and exploring that passion. Now she is starting to live out her childhood dreams with so many more exciting things to come.

We caught up with Central Coast creative Gia to chat about her new track, which of the seven dwarf she most relates too and the texture of bananas. 

Check out our chitty chat below:

Hey Gia! So tell us how you discovered music and when you knew it was what you had to do?

I’ve always been completely obsessed with music and performing, whether it was dancing through the supermarket aisle or carrying around a microphone in my purse at the age of 5. My parents could never stop me moving or singing! In year 6 I was selected to sing, We Are the World by Michael Jackson in front of the whole school and I felt like an absolute superstar. From there I was lucky enough to go to wonderful schools that really supported my performing. I was the lead singer of the Jazz band and I participated in every musical. Then I got my hands on a guitar and started playing gigs at local cafes and restaurants and it’s all grown from there. 

 Let’s talk your new single Lies, what’s it about and is it based on a personal experience? 

It’s definitely NOT based on a personal experience, I actually tend to be a terrible liar because I show everything on my face, you can tell every emotion I’m feeling. The song was born out of this idea to write in character, I was listening to lots of songs written in characters, like Billie Eilish’s Bellyache and wanted to give it a go. I was playing with melodies and the hook came right away, from there it was just building the song around that. I wanted to mislead the listener by describing a liar and then turn it back on myself in the bridge and reveal that I had been lying to them the entire song. 

Earlier in the year you released Tango, your debut single. How does it feel to finally have music out in the world? 

It feels very exciting! It was a pretty strange time to do it but I’m glad I bit the bullet and went with it! Everyone has been so incredibly supportive, so I’ve had a really good time releasing music.  

What’s your favourite thing about being a performing artist? 

It seems like I’m actually just a ‘recording’ artist at the moment because of COVID, but I am sooo excited to get out there and perform! It’s really cool at the moment because I get to work with all kinds of creative and inspiring people, I’m extremely appreciative of that.  

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