X-Ray Mag “I’m Not Sorry"

X-Ray Mag “I’m Not Sorry"

Gia Darcy is not afraid to be a bright, loud, colourful, pop artist. The singer-songwriter based in Sydney debuted her first single ‘Tango’ which showcased her vocals in an effortlessly fun snapshot. Her second release, ‘Lies’ showcased a darker and edgier pop vibe with a bold sound. She is unapologetically taking this sound one step further in her new track, ‘I’m Not Sorry’!

Gia says”

I’m not sorry is a pop anthem empowering people to get off the apology train. It is about finding the strength to be exactly who you are and never apologising for who that is!” 

Gia entered the Triple J’s DIY Supergroup Challenge with ‘Party of One’ last May , which reached 10th on the Pop Charts and 27th overall. 

Gia has radio play on many local, Central Coast radio shows and stations such as The ABC 92.5 and Home-brewed and On-Air with Brandon Atkins at Coast FM 963. She has also been played on Sydney station SWR 99.9 and overseas in London by Overview Radio.  Featured in Fine Tune Magazine and Yellow Black

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